Volunteer 2020

Volunteer With Us!

This election, our lives, health, and rights to determine our future are on the line. In order to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and rebuild our state after the pandemic has exacerbated centuries of systemic racism, we must show our strength in numbers and vote for the future we want. When we represent together, we have power. Join our movement and volunteer with us to rebuild California so it finally works for all of us.

Join Our Movement:

10/5 – Write postcards to infrequent AAPI voters — signups closed!

Write postcards to inspire infrequent AAPI voters to participate in this year’s election! Sign-ups are now closed.

10/10 – Peer Texting and Phone Bank

One night of phone banking and peer texting to inform voters what’s at stake this upcoming November! Zoom session includes slide deck and training on phone banking and peer texting through the platform Spoke. RSVP here.

10/12 – New Volunteer Orientation

Hop onto our last Volunteer Orientation session this fall to find out more about our organization, and how we’re supporting schools and communities! RSVP here.

10/15 – Movie Night and Relational Organizing

Join us for a fun movie night where we will outreach to our peers and loved ones about the election. Civic empowerment from the comfort of your home, happening soon on October 15th! RSVP here.

10/22 – Phone Bank for Prop 15

Join us in the final stretch in winning victory for our schools and communities! Now more than ever, we need to invest in our schools and communities and close the corporate property tax loophole. Training will be provided near the beginning of the call. This phone bank will be hosted via zoom; info will be provided once you register. RSVP here.

10/30 – Halloween Phone Bank and Text Bank

Join us for a ~spooky themed~ night of phone banking, peer texting, and a costume contest making for a jam-packed evening of community empowerment! RSVP here.

Paid for by Chinese Progressive Association, Nonprofit 501(c)3
Committee major funding from: 
Chinese Progressive Association
The San Francisco Foundation