Schools and Communities First

Schools and Communities First

Why We Support Schools & Communities First:

We are working-class Asian immigrant and refugee families from across the state — high school and college students, monolingual and English-speaking, young parents and seniors. 

All of us contribute to sustaining our communities. We volunteer in our kids’ classrooms, bring people together for cultural celebrations, share meals, and pool our resources to support each other through hard times.  We help sustain the building blocks of our neighborhoods – libraries that offer after-school programs, health clinics that treat our children, parks that provide spaces for families to gather, and schools — making it possible for us to grow vibrant and thriving communities. 

For decades, big corporations like Chevron and Disneyland have pocketed billions by starving our schools and local services of funding.  A small handful of the wealthiest corporate landowners have benefited while working-class Californians have struggled to fill the gaps left in our emergency responder services, roads, and schools.  

That is why we support the Schools and Communities First Act. Schools and Communities First will restore $12 billion a year in funding for our roads, parks and libraries, health clinics and trauma centers, local schools and community colleges. 

On November 3rd, 2020, vote YES on The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 so we can provide stability for our families, celebrate our culture and build a future where all Californians have the quality health care and education we deserve.

What does Schools and Communities First Do?

  1. Reclaims over $12 billion per year for K-12 schools, community colleges, and local communities.
  2. Closes commercial property tax loopholes and ends shady schemes that big corporations and wealthy investors use to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes.
  3. Protects all homeowners and renters by maintaining tax protections for ALL residential property.
  4. Invests in children, youth, and families by ensuring our right to education and having a healthy and strong community. 
  5. Provides one of the largest tax incentives in a generation to spur new investment in small businesses.
  6. Levels the playing field for all businesses that already pay their fair share.
  7. Ensures strict accountability so that money goes directly to our students and communities.

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