Podcast: Making Waves

Podcast: Making Waves

Five AAPI individuals are wading through the ocean on a beach. These include Kevin Li and Kristen Li, the hosts of the podcast, talking to a Tonga person with a Sikh man to the right and a Filipino nurse and Chinese youth. Handwritten text in the bottom left reads “AAPI FORCE-EF presents Making Waves podcast.” text in bottom right reads “@aapiforceef | art by Cynthia Yuan Cheng”


Join AAPI FORCE-EF volunteers as we explore how AAPI organizations, activists, and community members are Making Waves across California. In this 5-episode podcast series, we highlight long histories of pro-people organizing and resistance against injustice, diving particularly into topics like… How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Filipino nurses? What does it look like to build progressive people power in the Central Valley? How are Asian American youth getting involved?

The team behind our podcast are our supervolunteers Kevin Li, Kristin Li, and Raymond Luu, and our Grassroots Leadership Manager, Rozlind Silva. Cover art is by Cynthia Yuan Cheng. Music is by Shinyen.

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