#ChooseUs Week of Action

#ChooseUs Week of Action

While workers in California struggle to make ends meet, corporate billionaires get richer. That is not acceptable. Community groups, unions, policy groups and philanthropy groups across California are coming together to launch the: 

#ChooseUsNotBillionaires CALIFORNIA WEEK OF ACTION (July 31 – Aug 7th)

We demand that Gavin Newsom and our elected officials #ChooseUs — the people of California — not wealthy corporations. Every day from Friday, July 31st to Friday, Aug 7th, we will demand that legislators invest in a just #RecoveryForAll that reverses historical inequities and creates collective benefits for us all.

Why are we having this week of action?

  • Too many of California’s politicians allow wealthy corporations and their lobbyists to bend the rules and determine our policy and budget priorities.
    • The rich make billions, while essential workers earn less than a living wage. Renters are forced to pay sky high rent to live in unstable housing. Immigrants live in fear and exclusion. All the while, schools, and neighborhoods remain underfunded.
  • With an uprising in the midst of a pandemic, we have a historic opportunity to choose our fellow Californians – Black families, students, essential workers, renters, and immigrants – over billionaires and corporations.
  • Right now, and this election year, is our moment to rewrite our collective future so that all of us – not just a wealthy few – are safe and thriving.
    • This moment isn’t about a lack of resources, especially in a state that is as wealthy as California. There is enough for everyone to have what we need to stay healthy, safe, and connected. The choices we make now on how to use the abundant resources we have will determine our future.
  • California’s leaders must choose, do you work for corporate billionaires or us?
    • We see now more than ever that the status quo that favors the wealthy – and leaves the rest of us sick, poor and over-policed – is an act of systemic racism and inequality. California’s lawmakers must choose a path forward that protects health, safety, and long-term economic well-being for all of us.
  • We are powerful when we act together. We choose us. We choose California. We need Governor Newsom and our other elected leaders to choose us too.
    • Now is the time to #ChooseUs!

There will be in-person and digital actions demanding that California protects essential workers, Black lives, immigrants, students, and renters. Will you #ChooseUs over billionaires?